09/10/2012: "Mundo Narco" Blog Administrator Killed
04/21/2012: Top Five Special Interest Groups Lobbying To Keep Marijuana Illegal
04/21/2012: The True Story Of Los Zetas, Power Unparalleled In Mexico
04/21/2012: The Origins Of Los Zetas And Its Founders
04/21/2012: April 15th Mayhem In Monterrey: 15 Die
04/21/2012: Mexican Mayor Arrested With Suspected Drug Traffickers
04/21/2012: 11 Gulf Cartel Members Arrested In Monterrey
04/21/2012: 15 Die In Bar Massacre In Chihuahua City
04/21/2012: The Capture Of El Chapo Could Boost Politician For Race Toward Presidency
04/21/2012: Oaksterdam: 'They Didn't Knock Us Out - Just Down'
03/01/2012: Homeland Security Searches Your Facebook For Marijuana
03/01/2012: 5 Tons Of Marijuana Seized In Colombia
03/01/2012: Medical Marijuana In Idaho Legislature; Voter Initiative Underway
03/01/2012: Colorado Marijuana Legalization Qualifies For November Ballot
03/01/2012: Napolitano Says Mexican Drug War Not A Failure
02/25/2012: Apologies Been Sick & Busy With Work
02/18/2012: Armed Attack On El Buen Tono Newspaper Veracruz On Video
02/18/2012: Sixteen arrested: San Antonio-Del Rio-Acuna "Los Zetas" Weapons Smuggling
02/18/2012: Gulf Cartel Boss Exploits Turmoil In Northeast Mexico
02/18/2012: "NO MORE WEAPONS"
02/18/2012: Mexican Cartel Strategic Note
02/18/2012: On Marijuana, Obama Is The New Divider
02/18/2012: Polish Activists Smoke Marijuana In Front Of Parliament
02/18/2012: Marijuana Odor Overpowers Police Station
02/18/2012: Medical Marijuana Dispensary Bill Dies In Washington Legislature
02/18/2012: Drive Launched To Inform Voters Of Obama's Hostility To Marijuana
02/14/2012: Cousins On Trial In Memphis As Hit Men For Sinaloa Cartel/Craig Petties
02/14/2012: Mexico Chooses Woman To Lead Federal Police
02/14/2012: Juarez' Cops Under Attack Again
02/14/2012: Mexican Governor Got Millions In Drug Cash
02/14/2012: Mexico Arrests 9 Linked To Sinaloa Drug Cartel
02/14/2012: Sweden Approves Liquid Cannabis Prescription Drug Sativex
02/14/2012: Congress OKs Medical Marijuana Everywhere With DC Rules
02/14/2012: Clueless Anti-Drug Agencies Oppose Medical Marijuana In Ohio
02/14/2012: Medical Marijuana Bill Introduced In West Virginia
02/14/2012: Arizona Legislator Wants To Ban The Term 'Medical Marijuana'
02/11/2012: 15 Bodies Found In Mass Graves In Veracruz
02/11/2012: Teen Drug Couriers Busted At The El Paso-Juárez Border
02/11/2012: The Drug War’s Invisible Victims
02/11/2012: Medical Marijuana To Hit Vermont Dispensaries
02/11/2012: Jodie Emery On Sun TV
02/11/2012: Medical Marijuana Bills Introduced In Maryland
02/11/2012: Virgin Group Founder Joins Drug Policy Alliance Honorary Board
02/11/2012: Drug Smugglers Breach Fence 2012
02/09/2012: Mexican Army Finds 15 Tons Of Pure Methamphetamine
02/08/2012: Warehouse Full Of Growing Marijuana Found Next To Crime Lab
02/08/2012: Medical Marijuana Reduces Suicides: Study
02/08/2012: Medical Cannabis Does Not Increase, May Decrease Teen Use
02/05/2012: Standing Ovation In New Jersey Statehouse
02/05/2012: Bronx Narc Kills Unarmed Teen
02/05/2012: Federal Police Capture Head Of The Gente Nueva In Chihuahua
02/05/2012: Nine Dead In Chihuahua Night Club Shooting
02/05/2012: Agents: Group Moved $15 Million In Drugs
02/05/2012: MATAZETAS In ACA Announcing They Will "Clean" The Plaza
02/05/2012: AG Continues To Be Grilled By Congress Over "Fast and Furious"
02/05/2012: ‘Hell To Pay’ If Terrorists’ Link To Drug Cartels Isn’t Checked
02/05/2012: Police Increasingly Targeted In Ciudad Juarez
02/05/2012: Legalization Measure Short By 2,400 Signatures; Has 14 More Days
02/05/2012: Prank By Inmates Adds Pigs On Police Car Decals
02/05/2012: Firm Introduces New Technology For Medical Cannabis Industry
02/05/2012: Rhode Island Voters Support Reducing Marijuana Penalties: Poll
02/02/2012: Marijuana Questions Passed Over During Obama Q&A
02/02/2012: Mexican Military Shoots Two Men Fleeing To United States
02/02/2012: Detained Zeta Cartel Member Says He Killed 75
02/02/2012: Seven Suspected Kidnappers Arrested In Northern Mexico
02/02/2012: Mexico Investigating 3 Former Governors
02/02/2012: Mexico Pols Trade Barbs Over $1.9M Found In Bags
02/02/2012: Half-Ton Of Marijuana Seized On Boat In Malibu
02/02/2012: Juarez Police Leave Their Homes After 8 Are Slain
02/02/2012: Mexican General, 29 Soldiers On Trial For Homicide
02/02/2012: Holder To Testify On Fast And Furious And Says "Consequences Coming"
02/02/2012: Panel Votes To Ban Medical Marijuana On Arizona Campuses
02/02/2012: Joan Rivers Smokes Marijuana On Reality Show [Video]
02/02/2012: Police: Entire New York City Building Was Marijuana Farm
02/02/2012: California Marijuana Policy Bills Fail To Advance By Deadline
02/02/2012: NYPD Made More Marijuana Arrests In 2011 - Against Orders
02/02/2012: AZ Moves To Make Medical Marijuana Illegal For College Students
02/02/2012: Toy Company Launders Money For Drug Cartels
01/30/2012: 16 Kilograms Of Substance Seized Last Week At U.N.'s Mail Intake Center
01/30/2012: Active Duty Cop: ‘The War On Drugs Is A War On People’
01/30/2012: Snitch Tells Of Spying On Zetas
01/30/2012: Juarez Cartel Threatens To Kill “One Officer Daily”
01/30/2012: Colorado State Senator Pushing Marijuana DUI Bill Again
01/30/2012: Commissioner Claims Crime In Polynesia Linked To Marijuana
01/30/2012: Israeli Study: More Doctors Should Recommend Cannabis To Cancer Patients
01/30/2012: Cop's Legalization Question For Obama Comes In First Among Videos
01/30/2012: Marijuana Legalization Qualifies For Washington Ballot
01/30/2012: Former Michigan Atty. Gen.: I Smoked Pot, But Let's Not Legalize
01/30/2012: 42 Members of WA Legislature Ask DEA To Reschedule Marijuana
01/26/2012: Cocaine-Stuffed Pineapples Seized
01/26/2012: S.F. Indefinitely Suspends Marijuana Dispensary Licensing
01/26/2012: 4-Year-Old Boy Pulls Out 9 Bags Of Marijuana At School
01/26/2012: Appeal Challenges DEA Denial To Reschedule Medical Marijuana
01/26/2012: U.S. Using Unmanned Drones Against Marijuana Smugglers
01/26/2012: 25 Denver Homes Raided In Marijuana Cultivation Sweep
01/26/2012: German Parliament To Discuss Cannabis Legalization
01/26/2012: Marijuana Bills Have Public Support: Showdown In Sacramento
01/26/2012: "Narco" Banners Threaten Ciudad Juarez Police Chief
01/24/2012: Non-Psychotropic Cannabinoid Inhibits Colon Cancer Cell Proliferation
01/24/2012: Officers Intercept Marijuana Loads Shaped Like Cabbages
01/24/2012: The Hundred Years' Worldwide War on Drugs
01/24/2012: NJ Supreme Court OKs 5-Year Sentence For Medical Marijuana
01/24/2012: 79-Year-Old Iowa State Senator Drafts Medical Marijuana Bill
01/24/2012: S.F. Starts Back Issuing Medical Marijuana Dispensary Permits
01/24/2012: Medical Marijuana Bill Goes Before Virginia House Committee
01/24/2012: Warrants Needed For GPS Tracking, Supreme Court Rules
01/24/2012: Judge Rules Federal Law Trumps Montana's Med Marijuana Law
01/24/2012: Cops Reject US Attorney's Colorado Medical Marijuana Threats
01/24/2012: Fake AT&T Service Truck Was Delivering A Ton Of Marijuana
01/24/2012: Ohio's 2nd Medical Marijuana Ballot Issue Certified By AG
01/24/2012: Gunmen Kill Police Supervisor In Ciudad Juarez
01/20/2012: Virginia To Study Benefits Of Selling Marijuana At Liquor Stores
01/20/2012: Crooked St. Louis Cop Busted Stealing Packages, Selling Weed
01/20/2012: Lawmakers Say Hemp Would Again Be A Boon To KY Agriculture
01/20/2012: Polish MP Could Get A Year For Even *Talking* About Smoking A Joint In Parliament
01/19/2012: NORML’s Weekly Legislative Round Up
01/19/2012: Judge To Arizona Gov: Open The Marijuana Dispensaries Already
01/19/2012: Cannabis Legalization Signatures Getting Line-By-Line Review
01/19/2012: Campaign To Legalize Marijuana Kicking Off In Michigan
01/19/2012: CA Supreme Court To Review Controversial Medical Marijuana Cases
01/19/2012: Mexican Army Arrests Reputed Cartel Money Manager
01/17/2012: Two Marijuana Bills In CA Legislature; Your Support Needed
01/17/2012: Lawmaker To Smoke Joint In Poland's Parliament Friday
01/16/2012: Sponsor Of Bill To Drug Test Welfare Recipients Busted For DUI
01/16/2012: Former Schoolteacher Leads Fight For Medical Marijuana In FL
01/16/2012: Cops Say Mom Brought Marijuana To Son At Juvenile Detention
01/16/2012: No, Mitt Romney Will Not Answer Your Marijuana Questions
01/16/2012: Canada's Liberal Party Votes Yes To Legalizing Marijuana
01/16/2012: "Shoutout To Los Chakas"
01/16/2012: The Mexico Drug War: Bodies For Billions
01/16/2012: Girl Killed Had Photos Armed With Gun & Wearing A Mask On Facebook
01/16/2012: Rihanna Smokes A Blunt In Hawaii; Tweets About Marijuana
01/13/2012: Lawyer: Marijuana Dispensaries Should Ignore Federal Threats
01/13/2012: Seized Arsenal In Hidalgo
01/13/2012: Judge Prevents Extradition Of Sandra Avila 'Queen Of The Pacific'
01/13/2012: Proposed Liberal Party Resolution Calls For Marijuana Legalization
01/13/2012: Christie To Resist Attempts To Force Medical Marijuana Into Communities
01/13/2012: Law Would Prevent NJ Towns From Blocking Growing Facilities
01/13/2012: 7 Cleared Of Charges From Michigan Marijuana Dispensary Raid
01/13/2012: DEA Agents Raid San Diego Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
01/13/2012: AZ Governor Directs State To License Marijuana Dispensaries
01/13/2012: Feds Announce Colorado Medical Marijuana Crackdown
01/13/2012: Vermont Marijuana Dispensaries Expected By Summer
01/13/2012: Supreme Court: Oregon Marijuana Patients Can Keep Their Guns
01/13/2012: Arkansas Court: Marijuana Is Cause To Deny Workers' Comp
01/11/2012: US Anoints Chapo As Most Powerful, Mexican Actress Urges Him As Hero
01/11/2012: Eight Slain In Violent Ciudad Juarez
01/10/2012: CT Coast Guard Academy Expels 14 Cadets Over Synthetic Pot
01/10/2012: Pot Smoking Not Linked To Breathing Problems; May Help Lungs
01/10/2012: Florida Medical Marijuana Bills Filed
01/10/2012: Pot Smoking Not Tied To Middle-Age Mental Decline
01/10/2012: 13 Men Executed In Zitácuaro, Michoacan
01/10/2012: Mendocino County Suspends Medical Marijuana Permit Program
01/10/2012: Snoop Dogg Busted For Weed In Texas
01/07/2012: Arizona Tribe Seizing Cars Of Medical Marijuana Patients
01/07/2012: Drug Defendant Shows Up In Court With Crack Recipe On Jacket
01/07/2012: NORML Owes The Medical Marijuana Community An Apology
01/07/2012: Hemp and Cannabis Patient Protection Initiative Filed In WA
01/07/2012: Supreme Court Agrees To Hear Case Of Franky The Drug Dog
01/07/2012: It's Summer In Australia And The Cannabis Is Vegging Out
01/07/2012: Texas Gangs Have Evolving Relationship With Cartels
01/07/2012: Mexico Turns Up The Heat On Drug Lord Guzman
01/07/2012: 31 Inmates Killed In Altamira, Tamaulipas Prison Fight
01/07/2012: Banner Targets Zetas In San Fernando, Tamaulipas
01/07/2012: Benjamin Arellano Felix Pleads Guilty To US Charges In San Diego
01/07/2012: Zeta Leader "Mataperros" Apprehended, Suspected Of Ordering Casino Attack
01/07/2012: Monterrey Rayados Goalie Abducted By Gunmen
01/07/2012: "EL R-12" Falls
01/07/2012: Meth Bust Involving Members Of La Familia
01/05/2012: Judge Nixes Lawsuit Challenging AZ Medical Marijuana Law
01/05/2012: Washington Voters Split On Marijuana Legalization
01/05/2012: Signatures Turned In For Colorado Marijuana Legalization
01/05/2012: Cambodian Anti-Drug Chief Sentenced For Drug Trafficking
01/03/2012: 49 Kidnappings Per Day Occurred In Mexico In 2011
01/03/2012: Activists Await Results One Year After CA Cannabis Decrim
01/03/2012: Supreme Court Could Decide If Drug-Dog Based Warrants Valid
01/02/2012: 'Spice' Makers Alter Recipes To Sidestep State Laws Banning Synthetic MJ
01/02/2012: Activist Legend Dana Beal Headed To Nebraska Prison
01/02/2012: Weed Wipe-Out? Pro Surfers To Be Tested For Drugs
01/02/2012: Attacking Marijuana Patients Is Not A Good Legalization Strategy
01/01/2012: Clashes With Mexican Military Leave 2,321 Dead
01/01/2012: Ex-Police Chief Gets 10 Years For Helping Mexican Traffickers
01/01/2012: "El Mil Amores" Arrested In Violent Ciudad Juarez
01/01/2012: Sinaloa Cartel Member Wanted By U.S. Arrested In Mexico City
01/01/2012: CDG Responds To Christmas Message By "La Ultima Letra"
01/01/2012: Zetas Deny Murder Of Americans In Veracruz
01/01/2012: Mexico's Drugs War: Lessons And Challenges
01/01/2012: Arms Distributor For Pacific Cartel Arrested In Mexico
01/01/2012: Sinaloa Cartel Establishes Industrial Scale Meth Production In Guatemala
01/01/2012: Cops Destroy BMW Looking For Nonexistent Marijuana
01/01/2012: Smoked Marijuana IS Medicine: Feds Still Distributing Rolled Joints
01/01/2012: Campaign To Legalize Marijuana Ready In Michigan
01/01/2012: Colorado Asks DEA To Reclassify Marijuana
01/01/2012: Surprise, Surprise: Black Market Cashes In On Pot Crackdown
01/01/2012: Did Pot Conviction Fuel Switch From Bachmann To Paul?
01/01/2012: R.I. House Speaker To Ask Feds For Marijuana Guidance
01/01/2012: Michigan: 'Suspicion-Based' Drug-Testing For Welfare Is 'Likely'
01/01/2012: Apologies Been Sick & Busy With Work
12/27/2011: Maine Criticizes 'California Style' Marijuana Dispensary
12/27/2011: Legalization Measure Splits Cannabis Supporters In Washington
12/27/2011: Marijuana Crackdown Top Story Of The Year In Montana
12/27/2011: Increased Marijuana Enforcement Not Curtailing Usage: Report
12/27/2011: Mom Of 4 Reflects On First Year In Prison For Marijuana
12/27/2011: President Obama: An Unexpected Enemy Of Marijuana
12/27/2011: Crackdown: Cali Marijuana Dispensaries Turning To Delivery
12/27/2011: Deputies Give Marijuana Back To Dispensary Under Court Order
12/27/2011: Felipe Cabrera Falls, Personal Bodyguard Of “El Chapo” Guzmán
12/27/2011: Mexico Nabs Suspected Zetas Boss
12/23/2011: Cali AG Wants Legislature To Clarify Medical Marijuana Law
12/23/2011: Cannabis Tolerance Endangered In Netherlands; Protest Planned
12/23/2011: WA Marijuana Legalization Measure Likely To Make 2012 Ballot
12/23/2011: 10 Gunslingers Killed In Mexico Shootouts
12/23/2011: Bus Attacked By Gunmen, 11 Killed
12/23/2011: Veracruz City Police Infiltrated By Zetas Gang
12/23/2011: Police Officer In Juarez Burned Alive
12/20/2011: Sir Richard Branson - Time To End The War On Drugs
12/20/2011: Cannabinoid Patent Exclusivity Only Applies To One Condition
12/20/2011: Huge Show Will Bring Truth About Med Marijuana To FL Seniors
12/20/2011: Cartels Use Legitimate Trade To Launder Money From USA To Mexico
12/20/2011: Drug Operation: Cartel Bust Detailed
12/19/2011: President Obama's Puzzling Silence On Marijuana Policy
12/16/2011: Feds To Grant Exclusive Cannabinoid License To Pharma Firm
12/16/2011: Netherlands Delays Plan To Ban Tourists From Buying Marijuana
12/16/2011: Bears' Sam Hurd, Busted Buying Drugs From Homeland Security Agent
12/16/2011: Border Patrol Agents Knowingly Let Drugs In
12/14/2011: Spanish Basque Country Legalizing Marijuana In 2012
12/14/2011: Teen Marijuana Use Continues To Rise Despite High Arrest Rates
12/14/2011: Captured Cartel Leader Had Arsenal Of 169 Guns
12/11/2011: Mendo Board Supports Use Of Spy Agencies In Marijuana War
12/11/2011: NBA Stops Testing For Marijuana In The Off-Season
12/11/2011: Holder: Federal Interference In Medical Marijuana A Low Priority
12/11/2011: Eric Holder Grilled Over Fast And Furious
12/11/2011: Mexican President Calls For Unity To Protect Journalists, Activists
12/11/2011: Mexico Inaugurates Military Barracks In Violence-Plagued Town
12/11/2011: Juarez Copkiller May Be A U.S. Army Soldier
12/11/2011: US Proposes Unmanned Border Crossing With Mexico
12/08/2011: Ring Trying To Smuggle In Gadhafi Son Dismantled In Mexico
12/08/2011: Mexican Senator Demands Answers From Government On DEA Money Laundering
12/08/2011: Police Chief Murdered In Coahuila
12/08/2011: California Pot Growers Shifting Crop To Private Farmlands
12/08/2011: Gulf Cartel Gunmen Arrested In Monterrey
12/08/2011: Feds To Meet With California's Ammiano On Marijuana Laws
12/08/2011: City Government Eyes Toronto's Cannabis Vapor Lounges
12/08/2011: Colorado Will Ask DEA To Reschedule Marijuana
12/08/2011: NYC Marijuana Arrests Drop Only 13% Since Cops Told To Chill
12/08/2011: Drug Cops Exposed As Violent, Ineffective Thugs
12/08/2011: Medical Marijuana Ban/Repeal: Long Beach Eyes Third Option
12/08/2011: Congress Set To Escalate Drug War After Decades Of Failure
12/06/2011: Medical Marijuana Patients Propose L.A. Regulation Solution
12/06/2011: N.J. Medical Marijuana Program Gets The Green Light
12/05/2011: Slaying Revealed Drug Informant's Secret Life
12/05/2011: Memo Shows Early 'Fast And Furious' Concern
12/05/2011: Mexico Drug War Refugees Escape To More Bloodshed
12/05/2011: Migrants Say They're Unwilling Mules For Cartels
12/05/2011: Cops Fired For Supporting Marijuana Legalization; Lawsuits Filed
12/04/2011: D.E.A. Launders Mexican Profits Of Drug Cartels
12/04/2011: 22 Policemen Linked To Los Zetas Are Arrested
12/03/2011: CT Gov. Malloy To Sign On Governors' Petition To Reschedule Marijuana
12/03/2011: Orange County Sheriff's Dept. Says All Sales Of Marijuana Illegal
12/03/2011: 'Blunt' Joke At Burger King Drive-Thru Leads To Marijuana Bust
12/03/2011: Montel Pleads Case For 2 Medical Marijuana Facilities In D.C.
12/03/2011: N.J. Poll Shows Majority Support For Marijuana Decrim
12/03/2011: Vermont Governor Supports Doctors Prescribing Marijuana
12/03/2011: Caballeros Templarios Answer Sicilia's Call For A Truce
12/03/2011: Mexico Seizes 'Zetas' Communications System
12/03/2011: Rival Cartels Take Bloody Drug War To The Heart Of The Country
12/03/2011: Zetas Issue Open Challenge To US And Mexico Governments
12/03/2011: Honduras Army To Take On Drug Gangs
12/01/2011: Chris Christie: Drug War Policy Must Be 'Much Different And Much Better'
12/01/2011: "Weed Wars": TV Takes A Close Look At A Marijuana Haven
12/01/2011: Spillover Violence -The Riddles Grow With Two New Cases
12/01/2011: Marijuana Found Growing Outside Australian Court House
12/01/2011: Judge Won't Stop Federal Crackdown On Medical Marijuana
12/01/2011: Arkansas: Ready To Legalize Medical Marijuana?
12/01/2011: Washington, R.I. Governors Ask Feds To Reclassify Marijuana
12/01/2011: Medical Marijuana Bill Introduced In Wisconsin
12/01/2011: Medical Marijuana Reduces Traffic Deaths, Alcohol Use: Study
12/01/2011: Tijuana Drug Tunnel Linked Mexico To US
11/28/2011: Sexy Pizza Creates Pie To Benefit Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
11/28/2011: Canada Prime Minister: Govt. Will Never Decriminalize Cannabis
11/28/2011: Gingrich Would Execute Mexico Drug Cartel Leaders
11/28/2011: Tell City Council: Don't Ban Medical Marijuana In Los Angeles
11/28/2011: Violence Moves From The Gulf To The Pacific
11/28/2011: Along Mexican Border, US Ranchers Say They Live In Fear
11/28/2011: Mexico Seeks To Fill Drug War Gap With Focus On Dirty Money
11/25/2011: New Database Can Identify Marijuana Strains Through DNA
11/25/2011: Petition Circulating To Legalize Marijuana In Missouri
11/25/2011: Dutch To Find Illegal Cannabis Plots From Space Via Satellite
11/25/2011: Driven By Drug War Incentives, Cops Target Pot Smokers, Brush Off Victims Of Violent Crime
11/24/2011: High Times Cannabis Cup Expo Raided By Cops In Amsterdam
11/24/2011: 26 Bodies Dumped In Mass Slaying In Guadalajara
11/22/2011: Sinaloa Cartel Loses $15 Million To The Mexican Army
11/21/2011: Medical Marijuana Resolution Now In Florida Legislature
11/21/2011: New Routes for Mexico's Black Market Arms
11/21/2011: Cartel Activity Likely To Rise In New Mexico
11/21/2011: A War Is Taking Place In Mexico
11/20/2011: ATF's Operation Fast And Furious Ties To New Mexico?
11/19/2011: Suspected Zetas Drug Cartel Leader Arrested In Mexico
11/18/2011: Copenhagen Votes To Legalize Marijuana
11/18/2011: Border Tunnel Found With 18 Tons Of Marijuana Inside
11/17/2011: RCMP Busted Hiding Cameras On Private Property Spying On Grow-Ops
11/17/2011: U.S. Atty.'s Office Gives Statement On WA Med Marijuana Raids
11/17/2011: DEA Weighs In On Washington State Medical Marijuana Law
11/17/2011: Federal Marijuana Raids Sweep Across Montana
11/17/2011: Washington Marijuana Patients Protest Federal Dispensary Raids
11/17/2011: Switzerland Legalizing Up To 4 Marijuana Plants January 1
11/17/2011: Military Captures El Gasca Of The CT In Michoacan
11/17/2011: Mexican Marines Arrest Zetas Cartel Boss
11/17/2011: Eleven Zetas Captured In NL
11/17/2011: Mexican Newspaper Attacked By Armed Men
11/17/2011: Drug Cartels Operating Out Of Dallas
11/17/2011: Zetas Arrested In Chicago
11/15/2011: Gary Johnson Makes Marijuana Legalization A Key Issue In Campaign For President
11/15/2011: Medical Cannabis, 30 Years Later: A Question
11/15/2011: High IQ Linked To Drug Use: Decades-Long British Study
11/15/2011: DARE Unit Pulled Over Carrying Marijuana Also Had Sex Toys
11/15/2011: Ban On Tourists In Dutch Cannabis Cafes To Begin Jan. 1
11/15/2011: DEA Sweeps Across Western Washington With Dispensary Raids
11/15/2011: Mexican Democracy Tested By Drug Lords In Politics
11/15/2011: In Laredo, Was A Criminal Enterprise Bathed In Sweet Perfume?
11/15/2011: "Beltran Leyva" Ahome Municipal Police Force Is Arrested
11/13/2011: NORML Sues Feds In CA Medical Marijuana Fight
11/13/2011: Federal Domestic Spying May Target Cannabis Growers
11/13/2011: Cannabis Increases Pain-Relieving Effects Of Opiates: Study
11/13/2011: Marijuana Momentum In Michigan: Legalization Vote In 2012?
11/13/2011: Michigan AG: Police Can Seize, Keep Legal Medical Marijuana
11/13/2011: Man Gets Out Medical Marijuana At TSA Checkpoint, Gets Through
11/13/2011: Zetas Cartel Paymaster Arrested In Nuevo Leon
11/13/2011: Top Sinaloa Drug Boss, Limon Sanchez Is Captured
11/13/2011: Matamoros Reporter Describes Kidnapping
11/13/2011: Blogger On Mexico Cartel Beheading: "Cannot Kill Us All"
11/13/2011: El Chapo Wanted Mexico City Attack To Retaliate Against U.S. Crackdown
11/13/2011: A Leader Of Mexico’s Caballeros Templarios Gang Arrested
11/09/2011: Dutch Bar Foreigners From Southern Cannabis Cafes
11/09/2011: Kalamazoo Passes Marijuana Lowest Priority Initiative
11/09/2011: Tacoma Passes Lowest Priority Marijuana Initiative
11/09/2011: Mexico Declares the End for Familia Cartel
11/09/2011: Arellano-Felix Cartel Lieutenant 'El Sillas' Presented
11/09/2011: Bolivia's President Says U.S. DEA Agents Not Welcome Back
11/09/2011: SWAT Teams Dispatched As Gun Battle Unfolds Near Escobares
11/06/2011: Newspaper Office In Vera Cruz Mexico Set On Fire
11/05/2011: International Drug Policy Reform Conference Kicks Off In LA
11/05/2011: NAW's Thorny Rose: Legalization Measure Gets $300K Infusion
11/05/2011: Eating Disorders Tied To Absence Of Cannabinoids
11/05/2011: Mexican Drug Lord Makes Forbes 'Most Powerful' List Again
11/05/2011: 'Massive' Smuggling Ring Dismantled In Arizona
11/05/2011: Arizona Update
11/05/2011: Six Members Of Carteles Unidos Arrested In Morelos
11/05/2011: Kidnapping Victim Found In Trunk Of Car At International Bridge
11/05/2011: ‘Vicious, Violent’ Drug Cartel Puts Chicago Area On ‘Mexican Border’
11/01/2011: Soldiers Shut Down Matamoros Marijuana Grow House
11/01/2011: Paint Smell Leads To $775,000 In Meth At Pharr Bridge
11/01/2011: Mexican Soldiers Shut Down Armored Vehicle Shop In Sinaloa
11/01/2011: Smugglers In Texas Using "Cloned" Vehicles To Move Drugs
11/01/2011: Two Arrested After Liquid Meth Found In 12 Beer Bottles
11/01/2011: Officers At Laredo Port Of Entry Seize $1.8 Million In Cocaine
11/01/2011: 'Narco' Communications Towers Dismantled In Reynosa
11/01/2011: Video: Former Mexican President Says Time To Legalize Drugs
11/01/2011: LEAP: White House Dismisses Popular Marijuana Petitions
11/01/2011: Medical Marijuana Crackdown Should Stop, House Reps Say
11/01/2011: Mexican Drug Cartels Operating In Colorado
11/01/2011: Semi-Submersible Had More Than 14,000 Pounds Of Cocaine On Board
11/01/2011: Hidalgo Sheriff's Office Confirms Shooting Of Deputy Yesterday, Cartel-Related
11/01/2011: Anonymous Cancels Crackdown On Zetas Drug Cartel
11/01/2011: FBI Paints Picture Of Supply Chain Between Mexican And US Gangs
11/01/2011: 'Massive' Smuggling Ring Dismantled In Arizona
10/28/2011: BREAKING NEWS: Official White House Response To 'We The People' Petitions
10/27/2011: Canada Mandatory Minimum Crime Bill Set To Pass
10/27/2011: Report Says, Gang Violence Fueled By Marijuana Prohibition
10/27/2011: Medical Marijuana Advocates Sue Obama DOJ Over Crackdown
10/27/2011: U.S. Atty. Claims Obama Didn't Order Med Marijuana Crackdown
10/27/2011: U.S. Agencies Infiltrating Drug Cartels Across Mexico
10/27/2011: Nephew Of Mexican Cartel Kingpin Busted In Texas
10/27/2011: Mexican Couple Arrested With Ice Chest Filled With Body Parts
10/27/2011: Mexican Marines Arrest Zeta Leader "El Bam Bam" In Veracruz
10/27/2011: Chicago May Decriminalize Marijuana
10/25/2011: Obama: Those Behind Fast & Furious ‘Will Be Held Accountable’; Congress: ‘Prove It’
10/25/2011: It Works, But The Feds Still Don't Like It
10/25/2011: Czechs Work On Plan To Legalize Medical Marijuana
10/25/2011: Appeal Court Rejects Marijuana Search Based On Smell
10/25/2011: Federal Judge Blocks Florida's New Welfare Drug Testing Law
10/25/2011: Assault Weapons Cache Destined For Zetas
10/24/2011: Indianapolis Pot Bust: 5 Tons Of Marijuana Seized, Largest Bust In State History
10/24/2011: WAMM Medical Marijuana Festival Has A Serious Message
10/24/2011: Arizona Governor, AG Playing Politics With Medical Marijuana
10/24/2011: Marijuana Component Effective In Combating Chemotherapy-Induced Nerve Pain
10/24/2011: Sacramento Suspends Permit Process For Medical Pot Stores
10/24/2011: El Gallito, Mexico's 15 Year Old Drug Chief
10/20/2011: Lawrence O'Donnell: Marijuana Is Healthier Choice Than Alcohol
10/20/2011: Legislators To Feds: Stop Attacking Marijuana Dispensaries
10/20/2011: Resolution Introduced To Legalize Medical Marijuana In Florida
10/20/2011: Witness Arrested After Testifying At Medical Marijuana Hearing
10/20/2011: Mexico: Operativo Salim Update
10/20/2011: Monterrey: Army Attacked In Car Bomb Ambush
10/20/2011: ICE Officer Arrested For Pot Smuggling
10/20/2011: El Rayo From Caballeros Templarios Falls
10/17/2011: California Medical Association Calls For Marijuana Legalization
10/17/2011: Protesters At Federal Courthouse Decry Medical Marijuana Raid
10/17/2011: Marijuana: Why The Feds Are Afraid Of Cali 2012
10/17/2011: 6,800 Marijuana Plants Seized In Unprecedented Sweep In WA
10/17/2011: Jerez, Zacatecas; Zeta Territory
10/17/2011: Sinaloa Cartel In The News
10/17/2011: Prison Riot In Matamoros Kills 20
10/17/2011: Welcome To A Narco Fiesta
10/14/2011: Drug Smugglers Tunnel Into Arizona Parking Spaces
10/13/2011: Marijuana Crackdown By Obama: Yes, It's Big Pharma
10/13/2011: BREAKING: DEA Raiding Medical Marijuana Grow In Mendocino
10/13/2011: Ex-NYPD Detective: Police Plant Drugs On Innocent People
10/13/2011: Six Police Officers Killed In Ambush
10/13/2011: 36 Golfos Fall In Tamaulipas
10/13/2011: Armed Group Kidnap The Son Of El Manitas
10/13/2011: 'El Gama' Financial Operator Of The Gulf Cartel Is Found Dead
10/13/2011: Mexico Captures "La Rana" Alleged No. 3 Leader Of Los Zetas
10/10/2011: Brown Vetoes CA Hemp Bill, Criticizes Federal Ban
10/10/2011: Cartel Connection Reveals Why "La Familia" Targeted Austin
10/09/2011: Obama Breaks Promise To Respect Medical Marijuana Laws
10/09/2011: Dutch Decide To Treat 'Strong Marijuana' As A Hard Drug
10/09/2011: DOJ Subsidizing Cali Gangs With Dispensary Shutdown: MPP
10/09/2011: Mexican Priests Face Death, Extortion From Drug Cartels
10/09/2011: Veracruz Attorney General Steps Down After Massacre
10/09/2011: 'Zeta Killers' Kill 32 More In Veracruz, Mexico
10/09/2011: Fast And Furious Weapons Were Found In Mexico Cartel Enforcer's Home
10/07/2011: Obama Medical Marijuana Policies Now Worse Than Bush: DPA
10/07/2011: Feds: California Marijuana Dispensaries Must Shut Down
10/07/2011: DPA Blasts Gun Discrimination Against Marijuana Patients
10/07/2011: Kidnap Victims Allegedly Held In Mexican Jail
10/07/2011: 'El Flaco Salgueiro' Arrested In Culiacan
10/07/2011: Martin Rosales Magana, La Familia Cartel Leader, Captured
10/05/2011: 358 Kilos Of Cocaine Seized In Tijuana
10/04/2011: Mexico Says "No Thanks" To Perry's US Troops Idea
10/04/2011: Oakland Medical Cannabis Club Owes IRS Millions In Back Taxes
10/04/2011: Mom Who Sold $31 In Pot Gets 4 Years Cut From 12 Years Prison
10/04/2011: 175 Police Arrested For Alleged Ties To Crime In Nuevo Leon, Mexico
10/04/2011: Zetas Push To Take Guadalajara Could Unleash Battle With Sinaloa
10/03/2011: New Fast And Furious Docs Released By White House
10/03/2011: Rhode Island ACLU Considering Medical Marijuana Lawsuit
10/03/2011: 10 Mexican Federal Cops Indicted For Extortion, Kidnapping
10/03/2011: Arizona Sheriff Implicates ATF, Eric Holder As Accomplices To Murder
10/03/2011: Perry Open To Military Intervention In Mexico’s Drug War
09/29/2011: Chafee Chokes: No Marijuana Dispensaries In Rhode Island
09/29/2011: Calderon Orders Federal Forces To Veracruz
09/29/2011: Montana Medical Marijuana Initiative Poised For Ballot
09/29/2011: Medical Marijuana Grower Dazed After Big Federal Raid
09/29/2011: Marijuana Extract Helps Prevent Pain From Chemotherapy
09/27/2011: Border Wars: Murder Capital
09/27/2011: NYPD Finally Comes Aboard With Pot Decrim, 34 Years Later
09/27/2011: Police Used Drug Forfeiture Funds For Weed, Hookers & Booze
09/27/2011: New Zealand Leader Backs Marijuana Decrim, Ignites Debate
09/27/2011: Marijuana Advocates Call On R.I. Governor To OK Dispensaries
09/27/2011: Czech Republic Moves To Legalize Medical Marijuana
09/27/2011: Army Accidentally Drops Soldiers Into Afghani Marijuana Field
09/27/2011: El Chapo Guzmans' Wife Has Twins In L.A. County Hospital
09/27/2011: 22 Criminals Die In Military Operation In Mexico
09/27/2011: As Gangs Move In On Mexico’s Schools, Teachers Say ‘Enough’
09/27/2011: Welcome To Tijuana
09/24/2011: Commissioner Directs NYPD To Stop Improper Marijuana Arrests
09/24/2011: Action Alert: We The People - Pardon Marc Emery
09/24/2011: Jailed U.S. Border Agent; Scary Inside Look at Drug Cartels
09/24/2011: General Mills And Cheech-N-Chong Team Up To Sell Magic Brownies, Sort Of
09/24/2011: Russia May Legalize Cannabis for Agriculture, Industrial Use
09/23/2011: Marijuana Growers Face More Jail Than Child Rapists Under Harper's New Bill
09/23/2011: Authorities: Marijuana Shipment Tracked To NFL Player's Home
09/23/2011: Decriminalization Of Drug Use In Greece
09/23/2011: Conservatives Reintroduce Dangerous And Costly Crime Legislation
09/23/2011: Action Alert: We The People - White House Launches Online Petition Site
09/23/2011: Signatures Verified: Kern County Medical Marijuana Ban Blocked
09/23/2011: Governor Vetoes Bill Keeping Pot Shops Away From Homes
09/23/2011: Ohio Medical Marijuana Ballot Issue Rejected For Content Flaws
09/23/2011: Marijuana Could Prevent PTSD Symptoms: Medical Study
09/23/2011: Sinaloa Cartel Boss Arrested In Mexico City
09/23/2011: Mexico Army Captures Top Caballeros Templarios Boss
09/23/2011: Los Zetas Forging An Alliance With La Resistencia In Jalisco
09/23/2011: Cartels Unite Against Los Zetas, Tracking Los Zetas, Mexican Marines Rounding Up Zetas
09/23/2011: 39 Zetas Executed In Boca Del Rio, Veracruz
09/21/2011: DEA Faces Federal Lawsuit For Blocking Marijuana Research
09/20/2011: Marijuana Prosecutions For 2010 Near Record High
09/20/2011: Mexico President Hints Legalizing Drugs May Be Needed
09/20/2011: Nuevo Leon: 44 Police Officers Arraigned For Serving As "Halcones"
09/20/2011: Thirty-Two Escape In Simultaneous Jail Breaks In Veracruz
09/19/2011: Operator Of Sinaloa Falls In Baja California
09/19/2011: One Drug Arrest Every 19 Seconds In The U.S.: FBI Report
09/19/2011: Washington Democratic Party Endorses Marijuana Legalization
09/19/2011: Whistle-Blowers Allege Corruption, Cartel Ties In El Paso Border Region
09/17/2011: Gangland: Los Zetas - Inside Los Zetas, Understanding Their Ruthlessness
09/17/2011: Reggae Star Questioning Leads Cops To 310 Pounds Of Marijuana
09/17/2011: New Study: Crohn’s Disease Mitigated By Cannabis
09/17/2011: ACLU Joins Drive To Legalize Marijuana In Colorado
09/17/2011: Mexican Sinaloa Cartel Linked To Philly Drug Network
09/15/2011: Obama Turns Out To Be Just Another Drug Warrior
09/15/2011: Power Cut After Smart Meter Installed
09/15/2011: What to Make of Sarah Palin's Alleged Cocaine Use
09/15/2011: Social Media Become A Battleground In The Drug War In Mexico
09/15/2011: Shootouts, Blockades Reported Throughout Matamoros
09/15/2011: The Man With The Golden Gun: El Meme Paraded With His Bling
09/15/2011: Botched Pot Raid: Feds Hit CBS Correspondent's House
09/15/2011: Captured 19 Members Of La Familia Michoacana
09/15/2011: A Rundown Of States With Medical Marijuana Bills Pending
09/15/2011: Congressman Steve Cohen Demands The Obama Administration Reschedule Marijuana
09/15/2011: Hawaii Teachers Defeat Random Drug Testing
09/15/2011: Eradication Sparks Conflict In Peru's Coca Fields
09/15/2011: Drug Policy Prospects On Capitol Hill This Year
09/15/2011: Racial Discrimination Claimed After Employee Comments On Marijuana Email
09/15/2011: National Forest Marijuana Growers Sentenced
09/15/2011: San Jose Votes To Curb Medical Marijuana Industry
09/15/2011: Judge Tosses Case, Derides Nevada Marijuana Law
09/15/2011: Missouri College Demands Students Undergo Drug Tests
09/15/2011: Gun Store Owner Had Misgivings About ATF Sting
09/15/2011: Border Patrol Finds Rocket Launcher, Grenade Launcher, Explosives Near Rio Grande
09/15/2011: Zetas And Valencia Cartels Union Confirmed
09/12/2011: California Hemp Bill Awaits Governor's Signature
09/12/2011: Kevin Smith Tells Jay Leno, Heidi Klum All About Marijuana
09/12/2011: Employee Fired After Commenting On Marijuana Email; Files Suit
09/12/2011: Que Malo, Narcos! Mexico Attacks Cartels With Comics
09/12/2011: More Mexico Youths Die From Violence Than Car Wrecks
09/12/2011: First Female Zeta Boss Arrested In Nuevo Leon
09/12/2011: Mexico Navy Arrests Gulf Cartel Finance Operator, "El Meme"
09/10/2011: Women Targeted By Mexico Drug Violence
09/10/2011: Industrial Hemp Farming Bill Passes Assembly
09/10/2011: Bummer Of A Summer: Weather Halves B.C.'s Pot Crop
09/10/2011: Teachers Become Mexico Gang's Latest Targets
09/10/2011: Mexican Military Finds Close To 9 Tons Of Pot & Weapons Inside A Cave
09/08/2011: No Jail Time For International Drug Kingpin Who Spent 30 Years On The Lam
09/08/2011: Data Shows Patriot Act Used More To Justify Drug Warrants, Not Terrorism
09/08/2011: Drug Cartels Rapidly Gaining Ground In U.S.: Justice Department
09/08/2011: Drug Czar Sends Mixed Messages On Marijuana Policy
09/08/2011: Mexico Army Arrests 7 U.S. Citizens In Piedras Negras, Coahuila
09/08/2011: Marines Dismantle Los Zeta Communications Network In Veracruz
09/07/2011: Marijuana Going to Be Sold One Way or Another - Cartels or Regulated Businesses?
09/07/2011: Red Tape Could Keep Medicinal Pot From Legal Delaware Users 'Till 2013
09/07/2011: Arkansas Relaxes Marijuana Possession Penalties
09/07/2011: Umass Amherst Professor Says He Will Appeal DEA Denial For Medical Marijuana Grow
09/07/2011: Action Alert: Stop New Drug Prohibitions In Congress
09/07/2011: 1,500 Rally At Michigan Capitol In Favor Of Medical Marijuana
09/07/2011: Missouri Technical College Begins Mandatory Drug Testing
09/07/2011: American Citizen In Mexican Custody On Arms-Trafficking Allegation
09/07/2011: Federal Police Recapture 'El Güicho'
09/06/2011: Tijuana Violence Slows As One Cartel Takes Control
09/06/2011: D.C. Approves More Than 50 To Apply For Medical Marijuana Licenses
09/06/2011: Pot-Smoking Judge Fired In Georgia
09/05/2011: Long Lines As People Attend Oakland Marijuana Fair
09/05/2011: Too Close To Schools: 58 Cannabis Cafes Set To Shut Down
09/05/2011: Montana Medical Marijuana Backers Still Hope To Overturn Law
09/05/2011: Sources Name New Cartel Boss In Reynosa
09/04/2011: 55 People Arrested During Anti-Drug Operations In Colombia
09/04/2011: Hitting Los Zetas Hard in Hidalgo
09/04/2011: DNA Results Confirm Death Of Reynosa's Top Gulf Cartel Leader
09/02/2011: 5 Zetas Arrested In San Fernando, Tamaulipas
09/02/2011: Two Female Journalists Found Murdered In Mexico City
09/02/2011: U.S.B.P. Intercepts 520 Pounds of Precursor Chemicals En Route to Mexico
09/02/2011: Evidence Suggests Cover-Up in ATF Scandal
09/02/2011: 250 Pounds Of Marijuana Found On Ventura County Beach
09/01/2011: DEA Says It Has Taken Out Utah Cell Of Sinaloa Cartel
09/01/2011: Marijuana Truck Crashes; Bystanders Scoop Up Free Pot
08/31/2011: Sheriff: Use Pot Eradication Money To Prevent Gangs Instead
08/31/2011: Black Government Employees Call For End To War On Drugs
08/31/2011: 2 Shootings In 2 Weeks Rock The Mendo Marijuana Community
08/31/2011: Marijuana Dispensary Owner Says Deputy Extorted Sex
08/31/2011: Agents Raid NM Gun Store In Border Smuggling Case
08/31/2011: El R-2 Arrested
08/31/2011: Casino Massacre Suspects: We Only Wanted to Scare Owners + 2 More Articles
08/29/2011: DEA Issues ‘Final Order’ Rejecting Private Production Of Cannabis For FDA-Approved Research
08/29/2011: Man Uses Fake Gun To Rob Store Of Fake Pot; Gets Shot In Ass
08/29/2011: Ohio Man Faces 10 Years For Pot-Laced Rice Krispie Treats
08/29/2011: Five 'Zetas' Arrested For Deadly Monterrey Casino Attack
08/29/2011: Acapulco Update
08/29/2011: Mexico's Sinaloa Cartel Makes Big Move Into Meth
08/27/2011: For Three Consecutive Days, Narco Canvases Have Appeared In Michoacán
08/27/2011: Many Michigan Marijuana Dispensaries Close After Ruling
08/27/2011: 10,000-Plant Marijuana Farm Found In Oregon Forest
08/27/2011: Mexico President Blasts US After Casino Massacre + 3 Related Articles
08/26/2011: Dozens Dead In Monterrey Casino Terrorist Attack
08/26/2011: The Beltran's Bought All Of Acapulco, SIEDO Records Show
08/26/2011: Acapulco Now Known As Hot Spot In Mexico's Drug War
08/26/2011: Mexican Journalist Humberto Millan Salazar Found Dead
08/25/2011: Tremendous PBS Video Explains Why Medical Cannabis Works
08/25/2011: DEA Rejects Professor's Bid To Grow Pot For Medical Research
08/25/2011: Okie Drug Agents Show Off Anti-Pot Skills
08/25/2011: Washington State Judge Won’t Trust Any Doctor’s Word On Medical Marijuana
08/25/2011: Mexico Drug War: Local Mayor Found Murdered
08/25/2011: New Jersey Medical Marijuana Patient Sent to Prison
08/25/2011: 1 Dead, 5 Wounded In Mexico Border School Shooting
08/25/2011: Mexican Journalist Kidnapped
08/24/2011: Blue Servo - Aide In Online Boarder Patrol
08/24/2011: Aeromexico Pilot, Detained For Smuggling 93 Pounds Of Cocaine Into Spain
08/24/2011: Police Seize More Than 12,000 Pounds Of Marijuana From Chicago's West Side
08/24/2011: Australian State Cracks Down On Drugs In Police Force
08/23/2011: RI Docs Tell Governor To OK Marijuana Dispensaries
08/23/2011: Mexico: Military Kills 20, Arrests 141 In 'Operation Northeast'
08/23/2011: Gulf Cartel Leader From Camargo Extradited To United States
08/23/2011: Street Sweeper Fired For Being Medical Marijuana Patient
08/23/2011: Mich. Judge: Med Marijuana Law Does Not Protect Dispensaries
08/22/2011: A NORML Life: Cannabis Documentary Is Top Notch
08/22/2011: Dogs Nab 2 Marijuana Dispensary Robbers
08/22/2011: Second CA Marijuana Legalization Initiative Filed
08/22/2011: Jodie Emery At Seattle HempFest 2011 - Mainstage
08/22/2011: Congressman Kucinich Speaks Out At Seattle Hempfest
08/22/2011: Mexico's Splintering Drug Gangs Pose New Security Risk
08/22/2011: How The Drug Lords Took Over Mexico
08/21/2011: Narco Banners In Nuevo Leon Warn Of Alleged Upcoming Zeta Prison Break
08/21/2011: Gunfire Sparks Panic In Torreon Soccer Stadium
08/21/2011: Kidnapped Mayor Of Zacualpan Found Dead
08/21/2011: Mayor Clara Luz Flores: Woman With Mission To Defeat Organized Crime
08/21/2011: Border Lawmen Lured To Dark Side By Cartels
08/20/2011: US Border Town Corrupted By Drugs Trade
08/20/2011: Czech Doctors, Patients Seek Permission For Marijuana Use In Treatment
08/20/2011: Massachusetts Company Sequences Marijuana Genome
08/19/2011: Peru Halts Coca Eradication - For Now
08/19/2011: Mexican Army Kills 10 More Sicarios In Nuevo Leon
08/19/2011: Arrest Made In Drug Cartel Killing In Albuquerque
08/19/2011: Five Zetas Arrested For Marines’ Kidnapping In Mexico
08/19/2011: Feds Bust Iraqi-Mexican Drug & Gun Operation In California
08/18/2011: Michigan Attorney General Wants To Make Life Harder For Sick People
08/18/2011: Plan Merida Focus To Shift To Border Region
08/18/2011: Corby Gets Five-Month Sentence Reduction
08/18/2011: This Weekend: Hempfest Marks 20 Years With Biggest One Yet
08/18/2011: Mexican Army Kills 8 Gunmen In Tacámbaro, Michoacan
08/18/2011: Veracruz Update: A hero's Death
08/17/2011: Prison Inmate Arrested With 48 Bags Of Marijuana And Scales
08/17/2011: IL School District Teachers Strike Over Drug Testing
08/17/2011: N.Y. City Council Members: End Marijuana Arrest Crusade
08/17/2011: Veracruz: A City And State Held Hostage
08/17/2011: Five Members Of CAF Apprehended In Tecate
08/16/2011: 12 Days In Jail Over A Faulty Drug Test
08/16/2011: A Drug Trafficker's Paradise
08/16/2011: Obama Dodges Medical Marijuana Question In Minnesota
08/16/2011: Portland, ME, Marijuana Initiative Dies…For Now
08/16/2011: End the Drug War, Face Jim Crow
08/16/2011: A New Administration In Acapulco
08/15/2011: Decriminalization Of Drugs In Greece
08/15/2011: Boarder Agents Seize 741 Pounds Of Pot Aboard Boat
08/15/2011: Inside The U.S. Network Of Mexico's Most Powerful Drug Cartel
08/15/2011: Alabama Bill Would Drug Test Medicaid Recipients
08/15/2011: Ontario Court Of Appeal Dates Chosen For R. V. Mernagh Case
08/15/2011: Mexico’s Drug War, Feminized
08/15/2011: Drug Gangs Wage War For Acapulco
08/15/2011: Guatemala: A Narco State?
08/14/2011: Glendale, CA Bans Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
08/14/2011: El Ruso Of Los Caballeros Templarios Falls
08/14/2011: Military Operations In Sinaloa
08/14/2011: US-Mexico Drug Tunnel Discovered
08/13/2011: Israeli Government Officially Recognizes The Therapeutic Value Of Cannabis
08/13/2011: DPD Raid 90 Homes, Arrest Over 600, Net $3.5M In Drugs
08/13/2011: Greek Government Proposes Drug Decriminalization
08/12/2011: "La Mano Con Ojos" Arrested In Tlalpan, Distrito Federal
08/12/2011: New Jersey MS Patient Loses Appeal, Facing Five Years
08/12/2011: 'Kids For Cash' Judge Gets 28 Years In Prison
08/11/2011: Fresno County Moves To Shut Down Medical Marijuana Shops
08/11/2011: 18 Bodies Found In Mass Grave Near Monterrey
08/11/2011: Thieves Create Fake Marijuana Dispensary; Rob Pot Courier
08/11/2011: Northern California Pot Wars: 632,058 Marijuana Plants Seized
08/11/2011: U.S. Widens Role in Battle Against Mexican Drug Cartels
08/11/2011: Customs Agents Arrest 2 Foreigners Carrying $3.7 Million in Mexico
08/11/2011: Mexico Blocks Extradition of the 'Queen of the Pacific'
07/20/2011: Going On Vacation For About 3 Weeks!
07/20/2011: 43 Drug Cartel Suspects Arrested In San Diego....Again
07/19/2011: Drug Dog Sniffs Out $1.15 Million In Hidden Drug Money
07/19/2011: Montana Dad Gives Cancer-Stricken Boy Marijuana Behind Doctor's Back
07/19/2011: Slain Kids Cast Larger Shadow On Mexican Drug War
07/19/2011: Poppy Fields Flourish In Mexico, Heroin Use Surges In U.S.
07/19/2011: 'Fast And Furious' Gun Program Draws Hill Demand For Documents
07/19/2011: Governor: N.J. Going Ahead With Marijuana Dispensaries
07/18/2011: Pennsylvania Man Gets Life Sentence for Drugs
07/18/2011: 3 With NarcoBanners Captured, Message Towards President Felipe Calderón
07/18/2011: Are Mexico Drug Gangs Drafting Hackers?
07/18/2011: Medical Marijuana Clubs Open As Arizona Law Is Debated
07/18/2011: Seattle City Council Votes 8-0 To Allow Marijuana Dispensaries
07/18/2011: Chihuahua: Felipe Calderón Accused Of Supporting El Chapo Guzman
07/17/2011: Three Buses Hijacked Near San Fernando; Passengers Found Safe
07/17/2011: Zetas Are Gaining Ground In South-Eastern United States
07/16/2011: Largest Meth Bust In Nevada History, Mexican Immigrants Arrested
07/16/2011: 12 "Grupo Elite" Sinaloa State Police Officers Killed In Guasave Ambush
07/16/2011: U.S. Warns Of Possible Attacks On U.S. Consulate And Ports Of Entry
07/16/2011: Photos: Mexican Army Destroys "El Chapo's" Marijuana Plantation
07/15/2011: 59 Escape, 7 Die During Nuevo Laredo Prison Break
07/15/2011: Israel Government Debates Future of Medical Marijuana
07/15/2011: Police Discover 2 Grows Worth Over $1 Million In Sunnyside Neighborhood
07/15/2011: La Crosse, WI, Decriminalizes Marijuana Possession
07/15/2011: S.F. Marijuana Dispensaries Have Only 11 Complaints In 5 Years
07/15/2011: Vehicle Found 130 Kilos Of Drugs In NL
07/15/2011: NYPD Narc Shoots, Kills Armed Bronx Teen
07/15/2011: Army Finds Mexico's Biggest Marijuana Plantation
07/15/2011: Los Zetas Lose Large Scale Indoor Marijuana Grow
07/15/2011: Shootout, Blockades Reported In Matamoros
07/14/2011: Mexico Captures Caballeros Templarios 'Head Hitman'
07/14/2011: States With Medical Marijuana See A Decrease In Pot Smoking by Teens
07/14/2011: Wednesday In Ontario: 16 Killed In Drug War
07/14/2011: Captured 13 Members of Los Zetas in Oaxaca
07/14/2011: Two Different Ohio Groups Pushing For Medical Marijuana
07/14/2011: CT Pharmacists May Dispense Medical Marijuana When It Becomes Legal
07/14/2011: 9 Marijuana Grow-Ops Worth $17M Busted in Calgary Area
07/14/2011: ICE Agents Seize 2,300 pounds Of Marijuana In Missouri
07/14/2011: Albania Mob Busts
07/14/2011: Torrance Police Bust Nets 8 Arrests, Seize Over A Ton Of Marijuana
07/14/2011: Killed 16 Youths in 3 Cities
07/14/2011: In Sinaloa, 55 Police Crimes in 2011
07/14/2011: Seattle Committee Passes Bill To License Cannabis
07/14/2011: Miami Beach Likely to Vote on Marijuana Decrimilization
07/14/2011: Captured Three Members Of The Knights Templar
07/14/2011: Attack On Police In Chihuahua, Captured 10 Criminals
07/14/2011: How Marijuana Legalizers Can Win Over Social Conservatives
07/13/2011: Colorado Medical Marijuana Patient Wins Unemployment Benefits
07/13/2011: Mardi Grass: Downtown Oakland To Host Huge, Open-Air Cannabis Expo
07/12/2011: Hemp Is Serious Business
07/12/2011: PF Detained 20 Suspected Knights Templar
07/12/2011: State Senator Surprised By Support For Legalized Marijuana Bill
07/12/2011: Seattle May License, Regulate Medical Pot Shops
07/12/2011: Marijuana Advocates Sue Feds After DEA Rejects Marijuana As Medicine
07/12/2011: White House Admits Marijuana Has 'Some' Medical Value
07/12/2011: New Reporting Rules On Multiple Sales Of Guns Near Border
07/12/2011: Mexico Killing Spree Blamed On Zetas Rivalries With Other Gangs
07/12/2011: Former Reynosa Mayor And Son After Being Kidnapped By Zetas
07/12/2011: Colorado: 23 Indicted In $36 Million Mexican Drug Cartel Smuggling
07/11/2011: Reported Capture Of El Gordo, The Operator Of The Arellano Felix Cartel
07/11/2011: Marc Emery On Contracting Superbug: 'Concerned' But Feeling Fine
07/11/2011: White House Slams Marijuana Legalization In New Report
07/11/2011: Getting On The Dream Cream Team: Seattle's Marijuana Mocha
07/11/2011: In Search for La Tuta
07/11/2011: Mexican Army Frees 20 Kidnap Victims In Monterrey
07/10/2011: Washington Marijuana Legalization Initiative Falls Short
07/10/2011: Ending Federal Prohibition: Sign The Petition to Reps. Smith and Upton
07/10/2011: Mexican Cartels Using R.I. Sites As Outposts
07/10/2011: Softer Pot Laws Save Philadelphia $2 million In 2010
07/09/2011: 11 "Polizetas" Arrested in Sabinas Hidalgo, Nuevo Leon
07/09/2011: Drug Policy Alliance’s Ethan Nadelmann to Bill Maher: ‘Pot is the new gay'
07/09/2011: Captured 11 Members of the Knights Templar
07/09/2011: DEA Denies Marijuana Rescheduling Petition
07/09/2011: 27 Killed in Monterrey Bar Massacre
07/09/2011: Deserted Villages Left to Become Ghost Towns
07/09/2011: Marines Recover Gulf Cartel Seized Ranch, Arrest 12
07/08/2011: Marc Emery Begins His Three-Year Countdown to Release From Prison
07/08/2011: High Backing for Legalized Pot in Washington State Poll
07/08/2011: Willie Nelson Pot Case Plea Deal Rejected By Judge
07/08/2011: Captured Leader in Nuevo Leon Generation Z
07/08/2011: Police Headquarters Allende, Nuevo Attacked
07/08/2011: Marijuana "Lowest Priority" Initiative Advances in Maine City
07/08/2011: Colorado Marijuana Initiative Campaign Gets Underway
07/08/2011: Gulf Cartel Arsenal Seized In Zacatecas
07/07/2011: Administration Medical Marijuana Memo Causes Dismay, Anger
07/07/2011: Michoacán: War Zone
07/07/2011: Youth Group Promotes The Legalization of Marijuana in Costa Rica
07/07/2011: Cannabis Day 2011 in Vancouver
07/07/2011: Mexican Smugglers Have New Ruse
07/07/2011: Zetas Threaten Ciudad Valles Mayor
07/07/2011: California's Drug Task Force May Get The Ax
07/07/2011: Crackdown: Kent, Washington Raids Cannabis Dispensaries
07/07/2011: Connecticut Decriminalizes Marijuana Possession
07/07/2011: Welcome to No More Drug War Website